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I have been SO slow about this!! Geez!! and I Have even thought about starting over and doing another topic. But I think for now I will stick with this and just TRY HARDER!!

Favorite TV episode at random # 2

Star Trek Voyager Season 3 Episode 16 - Blood Fever

B'Elanna Torres gets approached by a Vulcan in the early throws of his Pon Far and he wishes to mate with her.. She forcefully rejects him.. (she punches the dude right in the face! It's all kind of awesome!) But not before he has initiated the telepathic mating bond with her.. She then goes to a mine on a planet with Neelix and Tom Paris where her symptoms begin to become apparent.. SO.. stranded on a planet she basically goes into heat.. and she comes onto Tom, but he plays the gentleman card.. which you wouldn't really expect from a man that started out as such a player on this series!! BUT STUFF HAPPENS! FUN TIMES!!! I love this episode so much because it was a REAL beginning to the Paris/Torres relationship that had been lightly simmering up to this point.. At the time I wasn't sure if the writers had planned to pair these two up for sure till THIS episode. My P/T shipper heart exploded when I saw this and come on, for STAR TREK.. THIS... IS....HOT!!!!

I found GIFS on Tumblr and had to post them..Because they are HOT!
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So! Let's get this 100 things ball rolling why don't we?!

As I have said before in the main post it will be 100 of my favorite television episodes at random.. Since there is no way I can think of 100 right now and possibly put them in any sort of order!!

The first thing that popped into mind is an episode of The Big Bang Theory. These are all brilliant and I am sure it will come up again sometime since I have 100 of these things to think of. But the first episode I will talk about is

The Adhesive Duck Deficiency - Season 3 episode 8....

This is a BRILLIANT episode!! A few different things are going on here so we are in two locations in this episode.

The guys - Leonard, Raj, and Howard go camping in the desert to watch a meteor shower but end up getting stoned... sorry to spoil ya, but it's been 2 years man.. You should have seen it by now. ANYWHOOO.... the guys are camping in the desert, and they get stoned!! THEN THE THINGS THAT COME OUT OF THEIR MOUTHS!! OMG!! I never laughed so hard in all my life!! 

CLICK HERE TO WATCH A VIDEO OF THEM IN THE DESERT (2:24)... because the embedding was disabled... lame.... but still watch! 

The other thing going on in the episode is just as funny.. Penny falls in the shower, well that's not the funny part.. The funny part is what comes after.. Since the guys are out camping this leaves Sheldon on his own to deal with an injured Penny.. So much fun comes from this. He has to take her to the emergency room and take care of her.

CLICK HERE.. There are 9 minutes of funny Sheldon finding, dressing, driving, and waiting with penny in the hospital here.. But it was so hard not just show it all... That and I wasn't having much luck looking for a video that had them all put together like this..

So there you have it.. Watch the clips if you haven't seen them, hell, watch them again because it is good entertainment!!

I will see you all next time! Hopefully that will be tomorrow.. (there is no particular speed or due date to this challenge.. just whenever it gets done it's done...)

This post was brought to you by my need to enter lots of random periods at the end of my sentences.....or thoughts....... or groupings of words...;..

100 Things

Apr. 17th, 2012 09:40 am
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Because I am a sucker (and crazy in the head) for this sort of thing.. and I always need reasons to blog about stuffs....... JOIN ME??? (and about half my flist) Click the picture! You know you want to!!!

{Take the 100 Things challenge!}

The 100 things I have chosen to blog about is TV episodes, 100 of my favorite television episodes - in no particular order... Variety of shows, variety of episodes, just 100 TV show episodes .. My first actual post will go up shortly. Just had to pimp it out and establish my tag for the master post.


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