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Yeah, this is a day late. I slept a lot yesterday and was generally BLAH so I put the pieces I've had for a few days together today! :D

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It's July already! Blows my mind!!

I spent a lot of time listening to NCIS Los Angeles audio files this month and not as much music as normal.. But I did manage to come up with 12 that I did listen to a lot when I did listen to music.

I present to you!

Just a note in case I haven't said it before.. A lot of the songs that make this list do simply because they are so damn fun to sing along to!!

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You all know the drill, the first of every month I put out a fanmix of the songs I listened to the most over the previous month.. Yeah, it's officially the second but I had 2 P90X workouts and to host bingo at [community profile] ncis_verse and then had to make the graphic! But it's done now!

I present to you:

Back Art )

I listened to a lot of Train, a lot of Jason Mraz.. like, a lot. I recently discovered both and have been eating them up.

I think this is the first month there is NOT a Matt Nathanson song on my mix this year! I still listened to him and if I had a few more songs he would be on here too.. But I set the list at 12.

I also have a Christina Perri song on here again because I just LOVE her. I have been wanting to blog about her for a while but never know exactly what to say because it's all FEELINGS.. I love listening to her because she is an artist that you can TELL actually enjoys her craft and isn't doing it to be famous or make money.. she just wants to sing. You can HEAR that singing makes her happy. and I LIKE THAT! no, i LOVE that. I follow her facebook account and read about her tour and her videos she makes with people and jam sessions with her friends and she is a genuine and kind person.. Always thanks her audiences and shows her excitement about her projects! I just LOVE her to pieces.
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I spent a lot of the month in process for making a huge Hunger Games Fanmix (will post it tomorrow) and a few of the songs cross over from that... But here is my April First Music Mix!!

Goodbye My Lover -

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This one was a fun one.. Not that they all aren't! But.. Here is my personal "most played of the last month" fanmix.. Some are oldies, some aren't. But they are all great. At least to me!

On the first of every month all year long I will be posting "The Most Repeated Songs of the Last 30 Days" ((most obsessively played))

This is the 2nd in the series of 13 music mixes for the year 2012..

(((((I will be making a master post today too, for all the things I make this year..with a few things carried over from last year that still might be pertinent))))

And away we go!!!

Modern Love -

Back Art and song list...  )


* Looks like I might have an unhealthy obsession with Matt Nathanson so far this year.. there were a few of his on last months too!!

**This song totally warrants explanation.. If you have never heard of it that is.. When I was a kid my parents watched WWF Wrestling.. The guys on the program were all into being famous and all that.. Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant... Jimmy Hart, Jesse Ventura (before his political days) ANYWAY.. they made a record. YES, a vinyl record.. and I listened to it tons when I was a kid.. In the last few weeks I was able to get a hold of mp3 copies of songs on that record.. and Eat Your Hart Out, Rick Springfield was my favorite on the album when I was a little girl!! 

Hope you all enjoy it!!
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I have this grand plan to make you all (or me mostly) a music mix every month..

On the first of every month all year long I will be posting "The Most Repeated Songs of the Last 30 Days" ((most obsessively played))

There will be 13 mixes total. One for each month. Then one with the top 12 Repeated Songs of the Year.

While this is a 2012 Meme I have to start with the last 30 days, which happen to be December 2011, but that is how it is gonna have to be.

The art for the mixes will be based off the most played song of the month. (this was Stef's idea. Because she is a genius and all that! :D )

Here we go!!


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