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For Round 24: OTP @  [livejournal.com profile] waywardmixes 

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Nell and Callen are two characters on the television show NCIS Los Angeles. They are not a "canon" couple. The writers like to tease us with occasional hints then pair them with other people.. It's quite frustrating for us Nellen shippers!! 

They both obviously have eyes for each other. In this mix they contemplate their feelings for one another and how they view the other as unobtainable.. There are moments of hope, and many of what we can call despair that they will never have what they wish. They believe there are too many obstacles; age, being co-workers, and even past history of being hurt or alone. Both have mysterious pasts.. Callen essentially an orphan and used to being alone. Nell being raised in what looks like a normal large family, yet she has a hint of cynicism about the world around her that lends to her mystery.

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for [community profile] ncis_verse  February 20in20

Theme - Favorite episode - NCIS Los Angeles season 1 episode 19 - Hand to Hand

cornerfoodguess wholovename
fave scene 1fave scene 2fave scene 3fave scene 4fave scene 5
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For challenge 7 at [community profile] ncis_verse

We are to recast a movie or tv show with 3 to 5 NCIS characters..

I chose Star Wars

1. Luke Skywalker = Timothy McGee

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For challenge 22 at [community profile] ncis_verse

Subject: Kensi Blye
Warnings: Is totally spoilery up till nearly the end of season 3.. So if you aren't there yet and don't want to be spoiled I wouldn't recommend looking...
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Sooooo I have to brag about my awesome fangirlness..

Starting on January 10th my friend [livejournal.com profile] sczep84  and I have been taking turns to show each other NCIS: LA and Gilmore Girls.. Neither show was watched by the other.. We have watched everything together.. Well, as well as you can half way around the world from each other.

Now, January 21st we are finished with Season 2 Episode 12 of NCIS LA.. and Season 2 Episode 5 of Gilmore girls. Our fangirlness rules..

We gots mad skillz! 

It's Gilmore Girls day tomorrow! WOO!

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Alright the bastards took it down.. I will post a new one later when I can find another..

I already want it to be next week.. The second part of the Castle 2 parter.. and the first part of the Kensi based 2 parter!!! EEEEEEE



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