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This is my Master Post for my Big Bang at [livejournal.com profile] fandomverse When I complete a prompt I will link the post with that prompt to the square here in this post so all the links are in one place :D

Fandomverse is ANY fandom! So you can expect a variety of my favorite things here!

I totally ran out of time! A combination of two big bangs at the same time, running my own landcomms, and joining this one several days after this challenge started! But three is better then none in my opinion!

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Things I could do for each square

*Icons: 10
*Gifs: 4
*Picspam: 20 caps (they have to be visibly changed, e.g. coloring, lightning etc)
*Fanfic: 500 words *
*Fanmix: 8 songs + cover and back
*Fanvid: 45 seconds / 90 seconds (theme square + Artist's Choice square)**
*Wallpaper: 2

2/15 done
Artists Choice


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EEK! I thought I had more time then I really do so this is the last square I have time for for the [livejournal.com profile] fandomverse Big Bang. I know, I fail, only three squares.. But that is 30 points my team didn't have before!! Sorry Team Crime that I didn't get anymore of these done :( I thought I still had till Sunday for some reason :(

Link back to this post

Trust - A Kensi/Deeks Fanmix (from NCIS: Los Angeles

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The theme for this square was Water.. Had a hard time thinking of how to fill the prompt exactly and started thinking of all the things I liked that might contain water and came up with FINDING NEMO!! So here ya are!  I made some wallpapers based on Finding Nemo! 

Link back to this post here

Click on them to see them bigger!

I am in no way a pro at wallpapers, these are actually like the 3rd or so ones I have ever made!! I am unpracticed with large graphics! But we all have to start somewhere! I hope you enjoy them :D
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So since [livejournal.com profile] fandomverse is an anything goes place for fandoms I thought I would make a mix of my favorite Blue October songs! This is for the Artists Choice square HERE AT THIS POST

Lyrics and Back Art here.... )

Please enjoy! :)


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