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A summer time mix for my winter exchange round at waywardmixes!

for [livejournal.com profile] thethingiswhat

Hope you like it! Sorry it was late things got mega crazier this month than I have ever had for a December!! Also! I may have an extra mini mix for your Hunger Games request in a few days, I started working on that but this one screamed louder! But by new years I will message you that one!

 photo summer33.jpeg

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Summertime Mix!

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I don't know if I mentioned here or not that I auditioned for the community light opera's summer production or not..

Well I did..

and I am in.

They are putting on Grease this summer.

I got cast as a chorus member. Which is fine by me after so long away from the stage. I haven't been in a play since I got kicked out of their production of Cinderella in 1999 because I was pregnant and puking all the time. I guess they consider it bad form to run off stage in the middle of a scene to vomit... So, this is a good way to get back into it without killing myself in a lead role first time out in over a decade.

I am thrilled. There are less than 30 people that got cast in the play from all that auditioned.. and I am one of them! YAY!! 

I will keep you all updated on how it's going.. The shows are in July, so lots of play practices between now and then. All very exciting!
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For round 13 at [livejournal.com profile] waywardmixes : Theme OTP

Fandom: NCIS Los Angeles
Subject: Kensi/Deeks
Title: Are you in love with your partner?
Warnings/notes: I don't think it is really spoilery or anything. Just basic shippyness. Read more... )

Disclaimer: My Muse and I had issues with one of these songs. I was going for a classier, more, uhhhh, feely mix here… Something that didn’t contain a song by Ke$ha. Those are plenty feely don’t get me wrong, but it wasn’t what I had in mind for this particular project. My muse helped me with one song.. ONE, then insisted on adding Only wanna dance with you. I said “no, that’s not what we are looking for here.” She sat in the corner like a petulant child and refused to help me with anymore songs. NO help at all. When I said, okay, maybe we will add it as an extra little bonus at the end. She helped me find more songs but refused to help me sort them properly till I promised her the song could be featured more than a bonus song. My Muse had this whole story worked out based on the lyrics I highlighted here.. Particularly the bit about drinking wine outside 7-11. She INSISTED that Kensi would do this while trying to deal with her feelings for Deeks. Then someone like, Nell, would try to call her for something and find a drunk Kensi on the other end of the line and end up coming to rescue her and help her talk through her feels. My Muse gets what she wants… Or I don’t get what I want. Ha.
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So I did this last year.. and that means I am gonna do it this one too.. HA! Any excuse to play in my music is good enough for me!!

I am going to hit shuffle in iTunes (60some gigs to work with) and the first 25 songs to come up is my "Valentines Music Randomness" mix. Some of the songs, maybe even ALL of them will have nothing LOVEY about them.. That is what makes this so fun!! :D So, let's go! This could be potentially embarrassing for me.. ... Which means fun for you! 


1. Let Me In - Hot Hot Heat
2. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh - Disney
3. How to be Dead - Snow Patrol
4. Smoking in the Boys Room - Motley Crue
5. My Secret Friend - IAMX
6. A Thousand Years - Glee Cast
7. Criminal - Uh huh her
8. We Don't Belong - Black Veil Brides
9. Life Among the Distant Stars - Murray Gold
10. Black Dove - Tori Amos
11. Ode to my Family - The Cranberries
12. Nineteen - Tegan and Sara
13. April Showers - Sugarland
14. Behind Those Hazel Eyes - Kelly Clarkson
15. Knock Three Times - Tony Orlando and Dawn
16. Addicted - Kelly Clarkson
17. Sunshine Girl - Hermans Hermits
18. As I'm Falling Down - Escape the Fate
19. Breathe - Taylor Swift
20. You Are the One I Love - Jon McLaughlin
21. Everybody Hurts - REM
22. Undisclosed Desires - Muse
23. Arms - Christina Perri
24. Walk Away - Greenday
25. Must Have Done Something Right - Reliant K


Or if you want individual songs let me know and I can get those for ya.

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This is the last of the monthly fanmixes! Unless of course I decide to to it, or something similar next year... There is one or two more coming for this series though..

The top 12 of 2012 - The number one songs for each month all on one mix..
The most repeated of the year - If they showed up on more than one month they will be on this mix.. I will have those up soon! In the next day or so I think.

So.. Here is December 1st (yeah a day late)

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Yeah, this is a day late. I slept a lot yesterday and was generally BLAH so I put the pieces I've had for a few days together today! :D

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for challenge 23 at [community profile] ncis_verse

They are not all NCIS in my example (or full image count).. But it will still show what I want you to do when you post your arts. I will be doiing a full, totally correct version of this along with you.. this is just to show you the posting format.

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I have selected one of the prompts I got and have been working on it and had hoped to finish it today.. But I have been laying in bed all day with a migraine so I haven't been able to work on it.. So I am hoping to have it finished and posted sometime tomorrow.

Thanks for your patience
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So since [livejournal.com profile] fandomverse is an anything goes place for fandoms I thought I would make a mix of my favorite Blue October songs! This is for the Artists Choice square HERE AT THIS POST

Lyrics and Back Art here.... )

Please enjoy! :)
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I posted a meme about itunes shuffles and ships! HERE

Here is the third one from the list. I will work my way through the list. People keep adding to it!! This is fun!

This one is for [livejournal.com profile] 16s16
The Pairing she picked was also from Fringe - Peter/Olivia
The song that came up on my shuffle is - Smile - Lily Allen

Yeah, not a very happy song! But how freaking fitting it is for their current situation!!!!! Besides she and I have discussed JUST HOW AWESOME THIS SCENE IS!!!

Clicky for the Pretty! )

Up next is Sheldon/Howard for [livejournal.com profile] asocialdevice
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So in this entry HERE.. I posted a meme about itunes shuffles and ships!

Here is the first one from the list. I will work my way through the list. People keep adding to it!! This is fun!

The first one is for [livejournal.com profile] sczep84
The pairing she picked is from Castle - Castle/Beckett
The song that came up on my shuffle is - A Strange Education by The Cinematics

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Next up is another Castle/Beckett one for [livejournal.com profile] filledusoleil86
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Meme found on tumblr but I jacked it from another LJ out there during my browsing about this morning:

Leave me a Ship in my ask box ((comment box)). I’ll put my iTunes on shuffle and make a graphic based on the song.

(it's a picspam!)

Fringe, NCIS, Castle, Smallville, Off the Map, The Big Bang Theory, Glee, Supernatural,
Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek Voyager

I will allow a pairing to be requested more then once, or by more then one person!!

I am going to sleep now and I will start on these after I wake up!
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So when I was at work last night, yes, LESS THAN 24 hours ago! Inspiration hit for a fanmix, even though I have one done and just waiting for artwork.. Anyway, this one managed to get itself all done in just one day! YAY!! It is a mix focusing on our two versions of Olivia Dunham from Fringe. If you aren't used to my obsession by now I am afraid you never will be, but anyway.. I really hope you like it! I was really picky about the music I put on it. I have 30+ Gigs of music and still only chose 8 songs. I only wanted women vocalists for this album and I wanted to TRY to avoid songs that I have seen on other fanmixes regarding these two, I know there is one on here I have seen from another fanmix but I really had to put it on here, so forgive me for that. Anyway, enough babbling! Onto the fanmix!!

The back cover and the songs!  )

A note to downloaders: I went to extreme effort to get the songs in a certain order to tell a story and I have been informed by my braintwin ([livejournal.com profile] kimmyziva ) that they do not PLAY in order! Order is of the utmost importance! So when you play it could you make sure they are in the right order, pretty please with a cherry on top! :D
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For round 4 at [livejournal.com profile] twentyfringe - claim episode 1x13 The Transformation

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
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Here is my first published fanmix.. I have another in the waiting room to be posted later for another contest.. so that will have to wait.. But here is my Peter Olivia Friendship Fanmix for Challenge 12 at [livejournal.com profile] scifiland

There may more to them then friendship.. Hints have been given...We know at least that they are there for each other. No matter what.
The Fanmix here!  )
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Been a while since I have done a meme and I am a sucker for music memes!! I stole this from [livejournal.com profile] oddood this is the first music meme for my ipod touch.. YAY so here we go!

- Put your music player on shuffle, and put down the first 40 tracks it plays.
- You can repeat artists.
- You cannot repeat songs.

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THE END! Now I really have some [livejournal.com profile] bigbang_land business I should be attending to! HEE


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