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Are you really surprised????
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Oh I would TOTALLY make it my friend!!!  I would name it Bugsy and I would try and get it a felt fedora. I draw the line at letting him smoke any cigars though.. Speaking of getting it a fedora.. Would I be allowed to have accessories for it in my solitary confinement? 
Am I allowed a tank to keep it in? or is it just to roam free with me?? Ah, nix the tank idea I don't want to confine my friend. I might need a pacing buddy.. Help us keep the weight off..

Bugsy and I would be the BEST of friends.. It would be so fun!! I would be grateful for someone to talk to!! 

Would I be allowed to have board games? Or am I to sit and stare at the wall all this time? What Bugsy and I could do would be entirely dependent on what I was allowed to have. Am I confined for a crime or just because someone thought it might be fun??

I guess if we weren't allowed things we could just tell each other stories and sing songs together!! After I taught Bugsy to talk that is!

But in the end it would be very sad for me because I fear I would outlive Bugsy and then I would get lonely..
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This question makes me laugh. I don't care about fashion in the least really and will wear almost anything myself, as long as it fits well and is comfy. So I would keep almost everything. The only complaint I have is with seeing so much crack. I REALLY don't need to see your ass or or boxers or thongs. The things in your pants belong in your pants, not outside of them where the general public has to look at them.

So boys, pull up those pants and buy a belt.
Girls, I understand low rider jeans are cool. But seeing ass crack and thongs is not cool. So cut it out.

-This message brought to you by Old Lady Jamie of the anti-fashion police.


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