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You know the drill....

Gimmie the prompts YOU would like to see made into a fanmix and come the middle of the month I will select one prompt and make and post it!

Come up with something new or vote for one of these ones that hasn't ever been used! 

Like some species of frog, I grow what I need
Rain/Summer Rain

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[personal profile] whiteink is the only one I got a response from this time around.. She wanted this.

A mix of ships. One song per ship of your favorite ships.

Let me tell you just how hard this is.. I rarely watch a show without shipping someone! I had a long list of ships from over the last decade.. What I did was look at that list as I listened to music looking for inspiration. Ships were cut off that list if there were no songs that came up for them in what I considered a reasonable amount of time.. Mostly when the lists for other ships were reaching 3 or 4 songs. It ended up being 12 couples this time around. Could be more or less or different entirely if I were to do this topic again in the future!

So I present to you: (in no particular order)




A Mix of Ships

Kensi/Deeks - The Yacht Club - Owl City
Castle/Beckett - Hope This Gets To You - The Daylights
Katniss/Peeta - Sing Me Sweet - Matt Nathanson
Tony/Ziva - Never Be The Same - Red
Tom/B'Elanna - Ordinary Day - Vanessa Carlton
Nell/Callen - Had Enough - Marianas Trench
Peter/Olivia - Set The Fire To The Third Bar - Snow Patrol
Mick/Beth - Fallin' For You - Colbie Caillat
Sully/Michaela - Uptown Girl - Billy Joel
Rose/10th Doctor - Melancholy Astronautic Man - Allie Moss
Chloe/Oliver - Whatever You Like - Anya Marina
Lois/Clark - Northern Lights - Cider Sky


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Alright I need a spanking for not putting this up on the FIRST.. But as I always say, better late than never...

So over the next few days - between now and the 10th - throw your prompts at me and I will select one and post a fanmix based on it on the 15th!!!

The last one is here..... Nell/Callen

I also have another selection process for you if you can't think of a prompt..

I will be posting the left over prompts from the previous month and you can vote on one of those.

Left over from last month:
Like some species of frog, I grow what I need
Rain/Summer Rain

So, throw the prompts around!!

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Here it is, a day late!! You all (well, like 3ish of you...NEED MORE NEXT TIME) gave me prompts of things you would like to see me fanmix!! This is the one I felt most inspired by!!

[personal profile] whiteink gave me the prompt: Nell/Callen: A Little Geeky, A Little Secret Agent, A Lot of Fluff




You can leave future prompts on this post or on the prompt me post that I will post on the first! ♥ Thanks for checking this out!


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