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For [community profile] ncis_verse January 20in20 Favorite Character - Kensi Blye

color closeup faceless action shot repeat
text friends cold neg space grungy
body parts 1 body parts 2 body parts 3 body parts 4 body parts 5
choice 1 choice 2 choice 3 choice 4 choice 5
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For challenge 7 at [community profile] ncis_verse

We are to recast a movie or tv show with 3 to 5 NCIS characters..

I chose Star Wars

1. Luke Skywalker = Timothy McGee

 photo McGee_Luke.jpg

Clicky for the rest...... )  photo klingonlady.gif
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For challenge 22 at [community profile] ncis_verse

Subject: Kensi Blye
Warnings: Is totally spoilery up till nearly the end of season 3.. So if you aren't there yet and don't want to be spoiled I wouldn't recommend looking...
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For a challenge at [community profile] ncis_verse I have asked the members to make a fanmix based on a fanfiction they have read or written themselves. I made one too! I wanted to share it with you all!

The fanmix is based off a trilogy that is still in progress. The first section of the story was only 2 chapters so it's not included on the fanmix title.

Written by Fictionista 48
Part one - What the hell are you doing here?
Part two - Human Sacrifice
Part three - Aftershocks (in progress)

This badboy is well over 366,000 words at the current time.. It features Kensi and Deeks of course. It gets dark and angsty. But it is brilliant and beautifully written. I love it so much!!

I picked 18 songs, but a fanfic of this magnitude can not possibly be covered by 18 songs. But these are 18 that I find strongly related to this fic.


Song list and back cover art )

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Here is my example for ncis_verse - Top 10 reasons I watch NCIS

(this one in the example will also appear in my own top 10, I don't have a number for it yet. So 10 is just the example number) 


I enjoy strong women characters. BAMFY girls that aren't afraid to take down a bad guy. Part of taking down those bad guys involves guns. Not everyone can look as awesome with a gun as these awesome NCIS women!! Would you be scared to meet up against one of them? I know I would!

would go here and so on... down to 1.. Your top reason for watching NCIS

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JOIN CASTLELAND!! Murder 6 is just starting!! 

You love Castle? WHO DOESN'T!?! I know I do! I play at this really really awesome landcomm dedicated to the ABC series Castle!


[livejournal.com profile] castleland [livejournal.com profile] castleland [livejournal.com profile] castleland [livejournal.com profile] castleland

Join and ask for Team Esposito! Because we are gonna KILL THIS MURDER!!! Tell them I sent you (I get points for that!)

For more landcomm fun, follow the cut!  )

Alright, shameless pimping at an end.....
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Because I am absolutely positively INSANE I have started another landcomm!! I hope there is a big enough fan base for it but I thought I would come to my regulars first and ask if you have the time and love for this comm!!!! I WOULD LOVE YOU FOREVER IF YOU DO!!!

[livejournal.com profile] ncis_verse

Do you love NCIS? If you do today is your lucky day!! Come check out and join!!


It will be great fun!!

[livejournal.com profile] ncis_verse [livejournal.com profile] ncis_verse [livejournal.com profile] ncis_verse [livejournal.com profile] ncis_verse [livejournal.com profile] ncis_verse


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