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 For [livejournal.com profile] waywardmixes  challenge 15: Heroes and Villains

Sleeping Beauty
Subject: Maleficent (and King Stefan and Prince Phillip heavily involved)
Title: Radioactive Love Spells
Warnings/Spoilers: Basically the entire Maleficent/Sleeping Beauty story is spoiled here. But you are fairly safe if you are well versed in your fairy tales. There is also a HUGE (turned into a beast ( a fairly shippy one at that)) twist of my own angsty warped muse’s telling of how Maleficent was driven to become the villain we know… So if you don’t recognize it from the story, welp, I made that stuff up! Also – This could not be done with less than 20 songs. Sorry about that.

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For round 13 at [livejournal.com profile] waywardmixes : Theme OTP

Fandom: NCIS Los Angeles
Subject: Kensi/Deeks
Title: Are you in love with your partner?
Warnings/notes: I don't think it is really spoilery or anything. Just basic shippyness. Read more... )

Disclaimer: My Muse and I had issues with one of these songs. I was going for a classier, more, uhhhh, feely mix here… Something that didn’t contain a song by Ke$ha. Those are plenty feely don’t get me wrong, but it wasn’t what I had in mind for this particular project. My muse helped me with one song.. ONE, then insisted on adding Only wanna dance with you. I said “no, that’s not what we are looking for here.” She sat in the corner like a petulant child and refused to help me with anymore songs. NO help at all. When I said, okay, maybe we will add it as an extra little bonus at the end. She helped me find more songs but refused to help me sort them properly till I promised her the song could be featured more than a bonus song. My Muse had this whole story worked out based on the lyrics I highlighted here.. Particularly the bit about drinking wine outside 7-11. She INSISTED that Kensi would do this while trying to deal with her feelings for Deeks. Then someone like, Nell, would try to call her for something and find a drunk Kensi on the other end of the line and end up coming to rescue her and help her talk through her feels. My Muse gets what she wants… Or I don’t get what I want. Ha.


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