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Title: Mark My Skin
Warnings/Notes: That Lana Del Ray drops a lot of expletives... (swearing warning)

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So I was thinking about how I wanted to do this since I am a complete music whore. I listen to music a LOT, and have a ton of it. Can't get ENOUGH of it! So I was looking through the meme link that was posted with the sign up post. Only one really stood out to me. A song with lyrics you'd like to tattoo on yourself. All the others disappeared off the list at that point, so instead of a bunch of different meme questions you get a mix focused on this.. Lyrics I would tattoo on my body. I found there were still a TON of songs that I would be willing to do that with that are not on this list, I would be a walking lyric wall, for realsies! But these are the ones I could narrow it down to, this month at least. Next month it might be different!

The only one that has a huge significance to me is "You Are My Sunshine" .. The rest I just like. When I was a little tiny girl my Grandma would sing to me. She always sung me "You Are My Sunshine." She even gave me a jewelry box for my birthday when I was a teenager that played that when you wound it up. It's a special song to me.

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